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May/June 2014

Well Completion & Stimulation

Target a Pressure Setpoint with an Auto-Choke Remote Panel

Remote control of frac pumps can be achieved using automation and data recording.

Laser Technology Enhances PCP Manufacturing & Pump Flaw Detection

Laser-based inspection can replace manual or visual techniques.

Earthquake Effects Inspire Fluid Pulse Technology for Secondary Oil Recovery

The pulsating action and greater stimulation fluid penetration into the reservoir increase oil production.

Worm Gear Drive Extends Mud Pump Power End Life

This drive gear reduces maintenance and decreases the pump’s overall footprint.

New Motion Converter with Added Strength Designed to Withstand Higher Loads

A modular eccentric sheave that is mounted on a splined shaft allows better load handling.
Well Completion & Stimulation

Cementing Pump Unit Essentials

Rugged and carefully selected equipment ensures reliability during this harsh and abrasive well service.

Heavy-Duty Slurry Pumps Manage Spent Drilling Mud

With key components made of high-chrome iron, these pumps withstand abrasion and have longer lives.

Progressing Cavity Pumps Handle Many Heavy Oil Processes

From drilling mud transfer to chemical dosing, PC pumps provide many options for end users.

ESP Bypass System Prevents Workovers & Saves Money

Machined equipment gives operators reduced lead times, reliability and reduced maintenance.

Proven Swivel Stack Seals Decrease Downtime

Financial data suggest that the cost of an hour of downtime for an offshore production facility is among the highest of any industry, so every avoided stoppage means significant cost savings.
Upstream Market

Proppant Usage Will Continue to Rise

U.S. demand is forecast to rise to $6.1 billion by 2017.

Gas-Handling Devices Boost Mississippi Lime Production

ESPs with added technology can successfully provide artificial lift in this play, despite its water challenges.

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