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July/August 2014


Compact Systems Simplify Drilling Mud Cooling

A heat exchanger and cooling tower combination removes heat from a mud system that tests the wear life of downhole drilling tools.

Fully Integrated In-Well and Subsea Systems Provide Optimal Recovery from Subsea Fields

Organizational collaboration and combined systems allow operators to increase production rates and save money.

Permanent Magnetic Motors Lower Energy Costs

Alternative driveheads help progressive cavity pumping systems deliver better performance.
Well Completion & Stimulation

Proppant Transport Technology Increases Propped Surface Area

A self-suspending coating provides engineering flexibility and increased hydrocarbon production.
Shale Coverage

Argentine Operations Shift to Unconventional Plays

Customized systems and increased access can spur production in these remote areas.
Well Completion & Stimulation

International Expansion Encounters Equipment & Infrastructure Challenges

Taking advantage of global shale opportunities requires systemic changes and upgrades.

BOP Software Standardizes Operation Suspension Decisions

Technology adopted from the nuclear power industry works to minimize NPT, expedite assessments and reduce the potential for human error.

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