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September/October 2014


Mud & Drill Cutting Recycling Makes New Wells Environmentally Friendly

These materials can be reused for sustainable and cost-saving drilling.

Specialized ESP Systems Overcome Surface & Downhole Challenges

Operators employ outside experts to address technical and environmental issues.

Retrofitted Precision Automated Measurement Equipment Provides Financial & Operational Benefits

A wellsite in the Bakken Shale experienced cost savings and better data access for accurate LACT processes.

Continuous Rod Strings Enhance Artificial Lift in Deviated Wells

This alternative to sucker rods improves production in unconventional plays.

High-Pressure Mud Pump Systems Boost Well Drilling Efficiency & Depth Range

Making the upgrade is easier than operators may think.

Coordinated Project & Asset Management Software Delivers a Foundation for Success

Support for the equipment’s full life cycle and a free flow of information are obtained with this integrated option.

Liquid Ring Technology Increases Production in Low-Pressure Natural Gas Wells

These low-maintenance, positive displacement pumps offer reliability in vacuum applications.

Customized Water Treatment Reduces Disposal Costs & Freshwater Use

Individualizing analysis allows produced and flowback water to serve as hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Integrated & Collaborative Drilling & Completion Optimize Processes

New technologies lead to better production for two Permian Basin operators.

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