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March/April 2014


Advancements in Centrifugal Pump Packages for Modern Offshore Applications

These facilities can store, process and offload hydrocarbons in remote or deep-water wells.
Upstream Market

Products & Services for Unconventional Plays

U.S. demand is forecast to rise to $98 billion by 2017.

Modify Impeller Design to Improve Pump Performance

Full CFD analysis can improve the operation of high-maintenance pumps.

Supplying Power to Full-Subsea Pumping Sites

Reaching ultra-deep reservoirs requires technology to maximize production.

Optimize Gas Lift in SAGD Wells

Advances in equipment can improve steam injection efficiency and artificial lift capability.

Packaged Pump Systems Effectively Separate & Transport Produced Water

High-pressure centrifugal pumps and triplex plunger pumps improve separation and transfer operations in a Colorado gas field.

Drilling Mud Vacuum Conveyor Separator Technology Improves Efficiency and Safety

Vacuum technology can be an alternative to a traditional solids control system.

Advanced Completion Techniques Boost Horizontal Well Production in the North Sea

Multistage hydraulic fracturing techniques, practical fluid design and reduced proppant use allow operators to exploit tight gas fields quickly.

Wellhead Oil Spill Prevention 
Challenges Production

Simple changes in packaging can solve this longstanding upstream issue.

Target Rod Pump Efficiency to Keep Production Consistent

Downhole pump cards can be used for quick equipment analysis.
Well Completion & Stimulation

Sizing Pulsation Dampeners Is Critical to Effectiveness

Pressure variation is an important consideration when determining the appropriate size pulsation dampener needed for an application.

An Unexpected Source of Mud Pumping Capacity

A new invert emulsion system improves drilling efficiency.

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